May 2022 Roundup

Bat surveys!

The month of May like for all ecologists was extraordinarily busy. Here at Daniel Ahern Ecology, we conducted 32 bat surveys over 31 days, this was possible through the hiring of additional staff and sub-contractors, whom we thank for all their help. We travelled across the southwest, conducting surveys from the south of Dorset to Surrey, and even travelled to a site in Kent.  Over the course of the month, we recorded 10 species of bat, including a few of the elusive lesser horseshoe and greater horseshoe species.

Bat conservation trust updated guidance!

Also in May 2022, the Bat Conservation Trust published the Interim Guidance Note: Use of night vision aids for bat emergence surveys and further comment on dawn surveys. In this note the BCT outlined the use of night vision cameras in dusk surveys and how they improve effectiveness and moving forward they will be part of best practice for bat surveying. This is something we already have in place in our own methodology, so we are glad to know our survey techniques are robust. Read more about the interim note here : Interim-guidance-note-on-NVAs-May-2022-FINAL.pdf ( .

Other Surveys!

Its not only just bats we’ve been surveying during May, there was also opportunity to conduct Great Crested Newt eDNA surveys, arboricultural surveys, Phase 1 habitat mapping and a river botanical survey along a stretch of the river Test. Overall, its been a very exciting and quick moving month at Daniel Ahern Ecology and were looking forward to where the next few months will be taking us.

The view of the beautiful river test, where we conducted a botantical survey, identifying the emergent and bank plant species.

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