Protected Species Surveys

Bat Surveys

Our staff are licensed by Natural England to survey for all 18 UK bat species (level 2). Surveys are carried out during the summer period when bats are most active (May 1st to August 31st). We are able to identify which species of bat are using any given building, how many there are and what they are using the structure for.

Crayfish Ecology

We also have expertise in freshwater aquatic ecology, and survey for great crested newts and other amphibians, white clawed crayfish, water vole and otter.

Other terrestrial UK protected species include reptiles, badger and dormouse. We are able to monitor sites for the presence of these animals and in the case of badgers, we are able to apply for a licence to close off or move badger setts in exceptional circumstances (for example, if a badger sett were to become established under the foundations of a building or on a building site.) We are NOT involved in badger culling.

Badger Survey

All UK bird species are protected during spring and summer. It is illegal to move, destroy or disturb a bird’s nest. If your project requires bird surveys to keep you the right side of the law, we can help.

Ecological Survey UK

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"We highly recommend Daniel Ahern Ecology. We find that their advice is robust and highly professional, saving time and money when trying to progress complex planning applications."

Richard Greenwood, Managing Director, Benchmark Development Planning Ltd

"Damen Associates has commissioned Daniel Ahern Ecology to provide reports on Ecology matters in support of Planning Applications. The service has been quick, thorough and the recommendations accepted by the Authorities. We have no concerns in commissioning this company for future assistance."

Damen Associates Ltd

"Many thanks to Dan for your support with the slow worm translocation, excellent work carried out during our project with Swindon Borough Council in Penhill, hope to work again with you soon."

Steve Daniels, Site Agent, Britannia Construction Ltd

"Thank you for your prompt actions with the bat survey, I am pleased to say that full planning permission has been granted."

Malcolm, West Tytherley

"We have used Daniel Ahern Ecology on a number of projects. The work is always thorough, well presented, quickly turned around and good value."

J. M. Stratton & Co

"We at Allen Planning Ltd have been using the services of Daniel Ahern Ecology for many years and we find the quality of their work excellent and very persuasive with local planning authorities and also the timing of their work from instruction to completion of reports is first class."

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